AHI Western Cape’s 24-hour call centre offer business advice for those wanting to be their own bosses. The excellent service from the call centre assistants helped me with much needed information to initiate the starting of my own business.

Johathan Crawford

Without the incredible knowledge and advice from the experts at AHi Western Cape I would not have been able to start my own moving business in the Swartland. I owe them so much.

Johan Ellis

AHi se entrepreneurskap-ontwikkeling is die enigste volhoubare wyse om werk te skep. Die ekonomie moet groei en gestimuleer word. Dis was vir my ‘n riem onder die hart om te sien hoe toegewyd hierdie groep mense is.

Bob du Plessis

I didn’t just learn how to build a business, but also to build up wisdom and knowledge. It’s a good thing to know the direction you have to take to make a success. With this course there is no way you can go wrong.

Peter Palmer

What really impressed me about AHi Western Cape is their creation of opportunities for young people who are eager to start their own enterprises. They really help where help is needed.

Susan Clement

With the excellent advice from AHi Western Cape I could advertise by small business on the right platforms and in the correct manner to attract more customers. I am very greatful.

Sanet Campher