Who We Are

Behind the name ‘AHi Western Cape’ are more than 9 000 entrepreneurs and a lot of motivated employees.

AHi Wes-Kaap / Western Cape is the independent organization of and for self-employed entrepreneurs who run businesses at their own risk and using their own resources. AHi Western Cape aims to unite, advise and inform real entrepreneurs as well as to promote their socio-economic and societal interests through a network of business chambers in the Western Cape. We aim to:

  • Assist subscribers to utilise business opportunities in a changing environment.
  • Strive to positively influence the business climate in order to promote the economic interests of subscribers and the broader business community.
  • Underwrite a healthy work ethic.
  • Underwrite a market driven economy in co-operation with all role players.


Continuous re-evaluation towards relevant value propositions (to satisfy market needs)

Integrity & Good Governance

Alignment with ethical values (what is fair and not at the expense of others) and complying with statutory and operational requirements


Complying with acceptable standards (AHi Western Cape and other applicable standards)


Voluntary commitment

Our Services


We offer training solutions to educate new and experienced entrepreneurs.

Information Sharing

We keep you informed with news and the ongoings in the business sector.


We provide the option to our subscribers to advertise on our business platforms.


We have a 24 hour call center that you can contact for any advice.

Economic Development

The AHi Western Cape strives to build and strengthen our entrepreneurs and businesses.


Connecting over 9 000 employees and eager entrepreneurs over the Western Cape.

Opportunities don't happen. You create them.

– Chris Grosser –

Why Join Us?

We Unite

As part of our service, we provide training, information sessions, networking and other activities

We unite entrepreneurs and businesses all over the Western Cape with a common purpose to strengthen and grow entrepreneurship and the business sector all over the province.

We Advise

24/7 service centre and personal advice at regional offices

With our 24/7 service center we are always there to give you the advice you need from professional and experienced entrepreneurs and well informed personnel at our regional offices.

We Inform

A network of websites, newsletters and magazines keeps the AHi Western Cape members up-to-date on a daily basis

As part of your subscription with AHi you will receive a biweekly newsletter with up to date news and relevant informative articles.

Our website will also keep you up to date on a day to day basis on our news section to ensure you and your business are always up to date with the latest happenings in and around the business sector.


Entrepreneurship development and training is one of the AHi’s main activities, as entrepreneurs are the biggest creators of employment in these economically exciting times. In this way the AHI helps to create a strong middle-class.


Awesome stuff AHi Wes-Kaap/Western Cape. Dr Willie Cilliers Accountants doing an amazing job in the region.



Sebastian Coledridge

AHI Western Cape’s 24-hour call centre offer business advice for those wanting to be their own bosses. The excellent service from the call centre assistants helped me with much needed information to initiate the starting of my own business.

Johathan Crawford

I didn’t just learn how to build a business, but also to build up wisdom and knowledge. It’s a good thing to know the direction you have to take to make a success. With this course there is no way you can go wrong.

Peter Palmer

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.

– Steve Jobs –


Willie Cilliers

AHi Chairman

Richard Shumi


Ivor Price


Ilse Lochner


Albert Geldenhuys


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